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Summer is here

We have taken a long holiday and are closed between June 14 and July 31, but it is possible to send inquiries by email.


Our cover maker has taken a well-deserved retirement so we cannot, at present, make any new chapels.

However, we do have some sprayhoods (in limited colors) in stock that are now being sold at reduced prices.

It is mostly for:


Maxi 77, 87 och 95 (sprayhood for the alu-frame-window)

Maxi Magic. Main sail cover for Maxi Mixer and 999.

Albin Vega, sprayhood, Main sail cover, Cock pit tent

Albin 78 Cirrus

Marieholm S20, MS20, IF (early version)

Scanmar 33

Sunwind 26 Main sail cover

IW31 sprayhood year 69-72.

Our cover maker closes and retires, which for our part means that we in the future also close down our e-shop. We do indeed also sell spare and service parts for boats and engines, but it is such a small part of the business that it is not worthwhile to continue.

Regarding the other range of spare parts, it may happen that we refer you on to another supplier if we do not have the article in stock.

-Right now we have no opportunities to sell our goods to Russia


 Boat accessories: Here you can find valves, tables, special parts for Albin and Maxi boats. We have boat accessories that suit different boat types.

Some products

4,500 SEK per Styck