Free shipping within the EU for orders over 5000 SEK

Delivery time for covers (Sprayhoods, Main sail covers etc.) is now from May about 4 weeks.

Covers ordered after the 7 of June will be delivered in mid August due to vacation leave.

 We have many different parts to make boating easier, from valves to boat covers, Sprayhood, aft cap, Cockpit tent, sail cover, windshields, sun protection, fabric doors, fall cabinets.

 Boat accessories: Here you can find valves, tables, special parts for Albin and Maxi boats. We have boat accessories that suit different boat types.

We use Sandatex fabrics.

We also have: Bruntons, Mikado propellers. Technodrive backstroke, Varifold and Flex-o-fold folding propellers and O.M.M. axle systems, water and oil lubricated packing boxes, bumpers and rudder bushes, turning of propeller axles.


Spare parts and spare parts for VOLVO, ALBIN, YANMAR and Lombardini. The Albin engine classics O21-O22 combination with reversals we share and knowledge. If you miss something, we have many contact routes.

Some products

4,028 SEK per Styck
Mainsail cover
3,286 SEK per Styck
Cockpit tent
20,000 SEK per Styck