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A marine weather protection.

These colors are what we provide for the two darkest colors black 349 and 395, it is a cost premium of 10% Sandatex is a marine solar protection withstand harsh environments such as oceans and lakes have high demands on canvas fabric. It must withstand substantial stresses from wind, sun, salt and moisture. All Sandatex canvas fabrics are quality assured by external tests. The high quality and our many years of experience in marine fabrics do Sandatex tarpaulin to protect your investment.

Choose from 11unika colors for an attractive and sustainable life on the lake!

Please note that color may vary between countries, and that this is an estimate of the final product's appearance. 

 Note that color defects may occur and that this is an estimate of the appearance of the final product.
Different media systems provide different colors

To ensure that the correct color matches the color samples.