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Albin Vega Sprayhood
Spray hood with three windows fit original arches.
SEK 3,800
Our furling genoa covers is made ​​of canopy fabric of the highest quality. Canopy fabric...
SEK 3,950
8002  Albin  mainsail
Albin Vega mainsail cover, a sail cover is there to protect the precious sails. We use Sandatex...
SEK 3,000
Albin Vega sprayhood tube
Two aluminum tube with end fittings mounted.
SEK 1,800
Albin Vega cockpit tent new model
Complete cockpit cover with arches ( tubes) and three bigg windows opening on three sides with...
SEK 15,100
Albin Vega canvas door
Wooden door with zip
SEK 1,700
Covering the whole stern to the wind
SEK 2,800
Vega windbreak
Windbreaks that cover up to the spray hood
SEK 1,900